1: All community members may wear XgS tag on all call of duty titles (MW and CW), and must be added to the regiment (MW).

2: In order to compete in competitive squads, you must be active and make practice dates and times. We totally understand that people have lives outside of the game, but the player who goes to practice and is active with the squad will be given priority on the roster compared to another who is unable to attend practices.

4: Zero tolerance policy for any sort of harassment or bullying. We are welcoming of all people regardless of race, sexuality, gender, etc. You should all know how to be nice to others; we won’t hold your hand or teach you how to be nice. Contact your kindergarten teacher if you struggle with this.

6: Any questions or concerns about the rules please seek a Staff member within discord server. Current Owners are AccuracyXL & TheJoker; send us a message and we’d be glad to help!

If you agree to all these rules and are willing to give us a shot you check out our discord server below!

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